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The turf at CAPC is the same turf as that at the Montreal Impact training facility. It has no rubber beads, no infill, and no smell! It can host all sports from soccer, baseball, lacrosse, to dryland and group training. ​

- Dimensions: 75' x 144'​

- Quantity: 1

- Rates:

  For-Profit: $150/hr + HST

  Not-for-Profit: $135/hr + HST



CAPC's high-performance training area is optimally designed for strength and conditioning. It is outfitted with squat racks, deadlift platforms, self-propelled cardio equipment, and much more. It is a space designed for teams to train together, for small group classes to be run, and/or for individual training sessions to take place.

- Dimensions: 65' x 48'

- Rates:

  For-Profit: $130/hr + HST

  Not-for-Profit: $115/hr + HST


CAPC's courts are the same as those found in the Scotiabank Arena, meaning that they are sprung wooden floors with full FIBA court specs. They also have painted lines and core drilled holes that allow CAPC to host volleyball.

-Dimensions: FIBA regulation size

- Amount: 2

- Rates:

  For-Profit: $110/hr + HST per court

  Not-for-Profit: $100/hr + HST per court.


The multi-purpose court at CAPC is a fully enclosed space with netting on all sides and padding on the walls. It can host activities such as pickleball, badminton, and red ball tennis.


- Dimensions: 31’ x 60’

- No. of Courts: 1

- Rates:

  For-Profit: $35/hr + HST

  Non-Profit: $30/hr + HST


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